Brancusi’s Mongolia: Maiyet Pre-Fall 2013

Has it ever happened to you to try to find some way to relate a certain artist’s work with fashion, because you know that the enormous legacy he/she left to the world must have influenced so many aspects of life and every possible creative field, undoubtedly fashion too? That’s what I was trying to do regarding our great artist, the pioneer of modernism, sculptor Constantin Brâncuși. And yesterday I finally found the door to put my idea in motion. His revolutionary style was part of the inspiration for my latest fashion obsession, Maiyet’s Pre-Fall 2013 collection, “Brancusi’s Mongolia”.

The more I think about it the more natural I find this association of names: Maiyet works with rare artisans from all over the world, trying to return to the roots of luxury; it can not be luxury if it is not created by the most crafted hands and with the soul – doesn’t it somehow reflect Brâncuși’s own philosophy: “What is real is not the appearance, but the idea, the essence of things”? The minimalist, linear shapes of these four looks (my favourites in the collection) are of an incredible visual elegance, they are so sophisticated in their extreme simplicity. Yes, this is a beautiful interpretation of Brâncuși’s style.


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