Bounds by Maria Filipescu

Bounds is the latest collection of talented Romanian jewellery designer Maria Filipescu. Last week I was invited to the launch of the collection, which unfortunately I could not attend due to a previous engagement, but I’m happy I have the chance to present a few of these exquisite pieces on my blog. I loved the concept of the collection: the bonds between people, strong, but fragile at the same time. A theme we are all too aware of in a world in which virtual communication begins to exceed real communication. The bonds between people become more and more fragile; friendships are easily tied and broken.

The collection consists of hand-made, unique pieces, combining the qualities of a work of art with those of an elegant piece of jewellery. They are made of brass, silver and copper, with successive applications of chains and chain links (the chains are hard, but the chain links are fragile little pieces just like us, the people who create the bonds), massive locks in contrast with the delicate pearls, suggestively symbolizing the binder between femininity and hardness. It also symbolizes the feminine sensitivity, carefully locked up in every woman, because it is a quality we will never lose. A beautiful interpretation. You can admire the other collections of Maria Filipescu on her site, Artbiju, where direct orders will be able to be placed shortly.

courtesy of Maria Filipescu

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