Good morning everyone! I’m back from my mini-vacation and I am happy I managed to take the time off and transform the last weekend of this summer into a lovely getaway. I hope you had a wonderful start to the week.

Today I’m resuming my Beautiful Bucharest series with a stroll downtown, as I am taking you to one of my favourite bookshops in town: Anthony Frost. It’s an all-English bookstore where I love to spend time on weekend mornings and immerse myself into a great selection of books, from fiction, to biographies, history, photography, art, travel, design, among other domains. The film section is one of my favourites, where I always find a new title of interest to me, like François Truffaut’s Hitchcock: A Definitive Study of Alfred Hitchcock, 100 Hundred Ideas that Changed Film by David Parkinson and Peter Kobel’s Silent Movies: The Birth of Film to the Triumph of Movie Culture.

The welcoming, professional and always helpful staff, the intimate atmosphere and the high-up shelves packed with books are the elements that set it apart: that’s my idea of a bookshop, a place where you feel more like in your own library. It’s impossible to leave empty-handed from here and I always find it difficult to make a choice, but when I finally do it’s like I get more than a book, but a newly found treasure to cherish and add to my collection.

In the same arcade where the Anthony Frost English Bookshop is located (and what truly makes this one of my favourite spots in Bucharest is that) there is another bookstore I frequent: Humanitas (more about it in a future post maybe). They have recently opened a lovely terrace in front of the store, where you are invited to browse through any book you want while enjoying a nice cup of tea or coffee. Isn’t this a perfect way to end a work day or start your Sunday?

Anthony Frost Bookshop address: 45 Calea Victoriei, Bucharest
Opening hours: Monday-Friday: 10-20
cccccccccccccSaturday: 10-19
ccccccccc  cccSunday: 10-14

photos: by me

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