Black and white

How I love a white coat or jacket in winter! I’ve been looking for a second addition to my wardrobe and this is what I have in mind. And a black and white ensemble is a favourite any day of the year. Come to think of it, it’s a black winter coat that my wardrobe lacks, but whenever I was in the position of choosing between black and other colours, I preferred grey, white, beige, camel, navy or black and beige herringbone pattern. But I know that when I find the perfect one, I won’t hesitate a second.

PS: I am happy to share Classiq’s latest feature, in Vintage Lifestyle Magazine, page 51. Thank you, Nicole. It is an honour. I feel the need to clarify something though. My love for fashion isn’t restricted to vintage fashion, I’m interested in fashion of the past and present alike, but most of all what I aim to inspire through my blog is timeless style, and this can not be grounded to a certain period of time.

photo: Garance Doré

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