As many of you were curious about Berlin, I’ve decided to share some photos from my vacation. I normally take hundreds of pictures on my holidays, but my little Sony digital camera gave me some hard times and I merely managed to take 60 photos this time. I’ve selected some of them, hoping you’ll enjoy my view on Berlin, a multicultural, beautiful city.
PS: it’s today that I’m guest blogging at Captivated by image. I already made the introduction yesterday, wink

Berlin Cathedral (Berliner Dom), one of my favourite spots of the city.

At the Zoo. Behind me there is a beautiful lioness. Truth be told I am against zoo’s. It’s so sad seeing all those beauties in captivity.

Postdamer Platz (Postdam Square)

Outside the Film Museum (Filmmuseum Berlin), we weren’t allowed to take pictures inside, but I felt so emotional when I saw all those photos with Marlene Dietrich and her and other film stars of the old Hollywood and her exhibited costumes from several movies, including a black Balenciaga outfit (for this one I actually had to sit down, sigh).

Isn’t this image so representative? You can enjoy yourself even in the rain.

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