Because I love green

There are three movies in which I remember green as playing a memorable part. Who can forget Vivien Leigh in Gone With The Wind? The straw hat with the green ribbon, the famous green velvet curtain dress and in fact this was the colour she wore in almost every scene of the movie (the costumes were designed by Oscar winner Walter Plunkett). The second one is Keira Knightly’s gorgeous green dress in Atonement, very symbolic to the storyline. And the third one: Kim Novak in Vertigo, where green has a key role: the visit at the sequoias, which are considered always green, everlasting and the section in an old tree trunk showing history repeating itself; Madeleine wearing green at the beginning of the movie and driving a green car and later on Judy wearing the same colour. A simple, but suggestive and defining element in telling a story.

These were the starting points of this post, but, as I have a thing for this shade, it evolved into something more of a moodboard. It’s not necessarily fashion’s favourite colour, but it did inspire Harper’s Bazaar entire May 1961 issue and after all, it’s a constant in our lives and further more, as long as you like it and it looks good on you, you’ll find ways to make it work no matter what the season-specifics.   

photos: 1,2- Olivia Graham / 3-James Merrell / 4-unknown, just forgot to save the source, so if you happen to know, please do tell / 5-Warner Brothers / 6- Universal Pictures / 7-House and Garden November 2007, photos by Eric Cahan – link / 8-{frolic!} (photo and floral styling by Chelsea Fuss, layout and graphics Peggy Wong)

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