Beautiful Bucharest: Sarroglia Hotel

After having included Sarroglia Hotel in my Bucharest City Guide I was looking forward to writing an extended post about it on my blog. My friend Ingrid was the one who had introduced me to it a while ago when she started her own Bucharest series. I was sold from her first words and photos and I decided to pay a visit and take my own pictures for the city guide I was preparing. I had the pleasant surprise to be invited to a discussion and a tour of the hotel.

Located in a tranquil area in the heart of the city, Sarroglia Hotel is a design hotel which beckons world travelers, for business and pleasure alike, and makes them feel right at home as soon as they step inside. Just like it happened to me. Its tailored design beautifully blends the old and new, a style I personally love and which fits Bucharest’s landscape only too well. The hotel was built on an old, restored building, preserving the classic architecture and brickwork which add a rustic and intimate feel to the contemporary elements.

The ground floor consists of the reception/lounge/bar area. Wooden floored stairs connect one section to another and a metallic staircase takes you to the next level: another lounge area and a business area which can also be used as a reading nook. Art is part of the interior design: from painting exhibitions which regularly take place here adorning the concrete and brick walls, to metallic sculptures and unique furniture pieces and decorative touches, modern furnishings beautifully coexist with traditional elements.

The Malvasia Restaurant promises to become well famed on the Bucharest map. What I found extremely interesting is that every Friday evening formalities are left outside and you are invited to serve Apericena, ‘another way to say dinner’, in a relaxed atmosphere, over lovely conversation and a glass of wine (every week a new winery).

The incredible attention to detail accompanies you everywhere. The rooms are elegant and modern, each one individually designed, from shape, wall decoration and bathroom, whether see-through, delimited by a transparent glass from the room itself, or traditional. These are all elements that make a loyal customer want to return to the same room over and over again. On the roof top terrace you can relax in the whirlpool or in the sun-lounges or simply admire the sunset in the serenity that the hotel ensures. The wonderful service and staff only add to the experience of Hotel Sarroglia and of Bucharest and will make every guest’s visit worthwhile.

And while I am on the Bucharest topic today, I would like to invite all my readers, from Romania and worldwide, whether you have a blog or not, to send me suggestions, by leaving a comment or email, of what you would like to read about on Classiq, Bucharest-related. Is it a particular theme, place, artist you would like to hear more about? I would love to hear from you.

photos: by me

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