Autumn wardrobe essentials

My autumn fashion repertoire consists of a few essentials that I love to update now and then with unique pieces, but most of all I love to exercise my creativity on them and transition them beautifully from year to year, as they work in a variety of ways, dressed up and down with fabulous accessories.

  • the indispensable pieces: the trench, the white shirt, the blue jeans
  • the clutch: if there is one season that I feel it’s the most appropriate for wearing a clutch, that’s autumn. It encapsulates the elegance of fall fashion.
  • a pair of booties: black, brown or camel, they are a style staple
  • the classic jacket: think Chanel, everyone’s dream and one of the most versatile pieces in a woman’s wardrobe, or a much affordable version inspired by it
  • the cardigan, a spring and autumn must-have for easy, chic layering
  • the oxford shoes, I prefer heeled oxfords and I’m thinking of adding one more pair to my olive ones I’m so crazy about
  • the full skirt; I love pencil skirts too, but lately I’ve been favouring the first type (I’ve decided on the best length too, about 7 cm above the knee), as I love wearing a skirt with a shirt and I’m trying to avoid the corporate look the pencil skirt-classic shirt duo creates
  • the cashmere grey sweater: because luxury must be comfortable
  • the mannish trousers: (baggy tailored style, women are sexiest when they’re in something unexpected) to be paired with
  • the leather jacket: camel or grey are my go to shades
  • the silk print dress, long-sleeved: mid-thigh or knee length, worn with tights and the leather jacket
  • plus the finishing touches: the scarves (plain, printed, silk, cotton, wool, short or maxi, around the neck in a thousand ways or attached to the bag handle), the sunglasses, the gloves (I’ve been waiting to wear my Roeckl greige leather ones since July), the beret or fedora hat, the burgundy nail polish, the statement piece of jewelry now and then and a beautiful umbrella, because there is nothing stylish in seeing a rain-drenched woman (this goes for men too)
  • and my new hair-do (the detail that counts the most): the right above the shoulder bob;)

photos: 1-Kate Powers photography / 2-The Cherry Blossom Girl

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