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Music from Jim Jarmusch Films: A Playlist

Music from Jim Jarmusch films - A Playlist

  I remember when I was watching Only Lovers Left Alive, a film that would ultimately capture my whole being, and the sequence with Yasmine Hamdan performing Hal occurred, towards the end of the movie. I’m not sure I can … Read More

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Summer Storyboard by Helmut Newton

Summer Storyboard by Helmut Newton

  This month, Taschen will publish an extensive Helmut Newton portfolio including some of the photographer’s most striking shots from the ’60s through to his golden heyday, a collection of his fashion, editorial and personal pictures. “I am very attracted … Read More

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Editorial: Under the Sicilian Sky

Editorial - License to Shoot - The Godfather

Stories of Sicily.   The Editorial: thoughts, short stories or essays about the world of cinema   While in Berlin several summers ago, we stopped for lunch at a restaurant and I realised, by the accent, that the waiter was … Read More

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Room to Dream

Room to Dream David Lynch

  “I don’t go by nighttime dreams because it’s daydreaming that I like.”   The moment I saw the title and cover of David Lynch’s memoir, I fell in love with it. Room to Dream. It’s all in that title. … Read More

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One Day That Summer: Classic Americana

Kyle Petrozza photography - Arizona

Spaghetti, Arizona, 2018   The great outdoors. The wide open road. Freedom. Freedom to run around, to get moving, to imagine, to think, to day-dream, to dream big. We may not know where the story is going, but it’s the … Read More

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