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Smiles (and Stories) of A Summer Night

Giles and Brother

  I love stories. Films, books… They all tell stories. And you know I love them dearly. There are also the bed-time-stories – the books my son and I both adore and which I have absolutely no problem reading for … Read More

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Three Great Books Adapted to Three Favourite Summer Films

Three of the best movie adaptations from books

  As François Truffaut says in his book, The Films in My Life, when he talks about Otto Preminger’s Bonjour Tristesse, “I will spare the reader the usual speech about faithful or unfaithful adaptation”. I watched and loved all three … Read More

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Fashion in Michelangelo Antonioni’s Films

Monica Vitti L

Monica Vitti, L’eclisse   Michelangelo Antonioni’s characters are always in crisis, but they are always dressed well, too. Furthermore, their easy access to luxury is a key part of their forced and vacuous lives, on their constant longing for a … Read More

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One Day That Summer: The Dune, Hossegor

Delphine Jouandeau photography

  To celebrate summer, in the course of the following months I will be collaborating with various photographers and photography collectors to bring you exclusive stories from behind the lens. Whether travel photography or pictures from the movie sets, One … Read More

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Chronicles, Volume One

The Chronicles Bob Dylan

  “Creativity has much to do with experience, observation and imagination, and if any one of those elements is missing, it doesn’t work.”   You could say that I was challenged to read Bob Dylan’s autobiography. Sure I have listened … Read More

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