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The Abundance of Less

The Abundance of Less Andy Couturier

  The abundance of less. How beautiful, how true, how striking. I am so glad that Andy Couturier changed the title of his book, which was first published in 2009 under the name A Different Kind of Luxury. That was … Read More

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The Beguiled: I’d Take the Original Any Time

The Beguiled 1971

  I watched The Beguiled (1971) the evening before I went to Sofia Coppola’s remake, presented as part of the film festival Les Films de Cannes à Bucarest – already at its 8th edition, the event brings each fall to … Read More

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Cinema’s Most Stylish Tribes


  As the saying goes, style runs in the family. In some cases, talent runs in the family, too. And there are those rare times when talent and style go together. And because here on Classiq we like to talk … Read More

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Zack Carr: One of Fashion’s Unsung Heroes

Zack Carr book

  Balenciaga and Chanel were his mentors. Among the women who inspired him, which he named “his girls” – including Romy Schneider, Isabella Rossellini, Audrey Hepburn, Tippi Hedren, Vivian Leigh, Jean Seberg, Georgia O’Keeffe and Grace Coddington – he mentioned … Read More

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Through the Lens of Nicolee Drake: Rome

Interview with photographer Nicolee Drake

  This past summer I started a series of collaborations with photographers to bring you exclusive stories behind the lens. Titled One Day That Summer, the project was designed to be a celebration of summer, an invitation to discovery, to … Read More

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