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AYR seasonless collection

  A seasonless collection. Carved down to the essentials. Stripped bare of any decorations and adds-on. Distilled and pure. Designed to be lived in. Committed to lasting styles. Bridging the gap to menswear, which, we all know, is much closer … Read More

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Born to Run

Born to Run Bruce Springsteen

  “Who were all those strangers buying my music?”   I like my favourite musicians’ gods old, grizzled and here, as Bruce Springsteen himself says about himself in his autobiography Born to Run. Not just because I love their music … Read More

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Contratiempo 2016

  “Every story has two sides. The truth, just one.” A man is accused of the murder of his mistress. He says he didn’t do it. We’ve seen it before. But the atmosphere and the way the plot unfolds in … Read More

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Two Actors Who Make A Difference Elsewhere

Viggo Mortensen Perceval Press

Films and the actors who bring the characters to life on screen enrich our lives. But some actors, through the work they do outside the film sets, truly change people’s lives. Many actors and actresses have lent their name to … Read More

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Romy in Chanel: Boccaccio ’70

Romy Schneider in Chanel Boccaccio 70

  It’s the month of the Cannes Film Festival and, 55 years ago, on May 8th, Boccaccio ’70 was opening the 15th edition of the festival. Modeled on Boccaccio’s “The Decameron”, the four short stories of love and life in … Read More

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