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A Return To Simplicity: Summer Style in Movies

Summer style - Tilda Swinton in A Bigger Splash

I’ve made a habit of watching some of my all-time favourite summer movies this time of year and I feel compelled to have you join in the fun. So here are ten films which provide some good summer viewing, as … Read More

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Print Lives On: Six Indie Magazines to Find at the Newsstand

Print is not dead-The best magazines to find at the newsstand

  Ever since I bought the book Bohemians, Bootleggers, Flappers & Swells, a collection of essays written by an incomparable slate of literary names during the 1910s-1930s in Vanity Fair (a literary and visual treasure of the Jazz Age in … Read More

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Sportsmanship and Class

Sportsmanship and class-Rafael Nadal and Juan Martin del Potro

  In a fantastic Wimbledon quarter-final on Wednesday evening, Rafael Nadal and Juan Martín del Potro, the most fair play tennismen, displayed the kind of sportsmanship and class only the two of them are capable of. It was a match … Read More

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Natasha Richardson in The Comfort of Strangers: A Journey into the Armani Style of the 1990s

The Comfort of Strangers - Natasha Richardson Rupert Everett - Giorgio Armani

  In 1980, Paul Schrader’s American Gigolo launched Giorgio Armani’s career. The designer went on to revolutionize fashion and, from then on, menswear, and womenswear, have never been quite the same. A decade later, when Armani heard that the director … Read More

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Editorial: Here We Go Again

Editorial - Here We Go Again - Call Me By Your Name

  The Editorial: thoughts, short stories or essays about the world of cinema   Remakes. Sequels. I don’t like them. I do not see any point in them except the producers making money. You make a good film? Just let … Read More

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