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A Passion for Plant Based Food (just in Time for Christmas): Interview with Therese Elgquist

She is one of the foremost voices of modern, plant based home cooking. I have talked to Therese Elgquist about her food philosophy, her dream dinner guest and about the importance of nourishing both your body and soul. Read More

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A Lesson in Style from Sissy Spacek

Rejecting disposable glamour for genuine character and unflinching dedication to her craft, being humble despite extraordinary talent, Sissy Spacek is not only a true artist, but a woman of style, too. Read More

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Pay It Forward with A Book

A conscious gift can be many different things. But there is nothing I love to give more than giving books to children. I believe that paying it forward with a book is what doing good is about. Read More

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December Playlist

If on a Winter’s Night…   I am someone who always prefers a non-Christmas Christmas movie over a traditional one. You know the kind? Those that are seasonably appropriate but inspiringly askew? So it should not come as a surprise … Read More

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Favourite Film: Alice in the Cities

Favourite film: Alice in the Cities. Some of my favourite creatives and cinephiles share a favourite movie experience. Read More

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