Innate elegance, simplicity, style and poise. Audrey Hepburn was unique and adorable, she had a radiant and powerfully put-together look. Since Sabrina, Vogue and other fashion publications have noted every slight change in her appearance. She transformed every signature clothing item into a must-have for every modern woman: from ballet flats to oversized sunglasses, from black turtleneck sweaters to Capri pants, from trench coats to perfect totes. I usually hesitate using the phrase style icon too much, but well, in this case, I can’t help it, because Audrey is my style icon.  

Audrey Hepburn a introdus un nou standard de frumusete si a dat tonul unor trenduri nemuritoare. Se simtea bine in haine confortabile si si-a creat un look propriu, unic, departe de canoanele de frumusete ale vremii. “De ce sa te schimbi? Fiecare are stilul sau propriu. Odata ce si l-a gasit, trebuie sa si-l pastreze.” Audrey este reperul meu de stil.

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