At the Prague Castle

Classiq-Prague in January
On our trip to Prague back in January we also visited the Prague Castle. It was a dim, cold morning, but we spent two lovely hours there. And how could you not? The place gathers an amazing variety of architectural styles and we made its rounds at a time of day when we were able to take all its beauty in in quiet, as there were only very few tourists present. The buildings of the Prague Castle range from palaces, defense towers and gardens, to the Monastery and Basilica of St. George, and St. Vitus Cathedral (built on the model of French cathedrals), which, with its Gothic style, is the most overwhelming one of all. We even had out picture taken, with the view over Prague as background, by someone who obviously knew what he was doing, because it is now one of our favourite photos of us together.

On a different note, I will be taking a blogging break, because of other priorities I have to address. I hope I will be back soon. Until then, stay well!
Classiq-Prague in January-1
Classiq-Prague in January-2The Prague Castle
Classiq-The Prague Castle-3
Classiq-The Prague CastleClassiq-The Prague Castle-2
Classiq-At the Prague Castle
Classiq-At the Prague CastleClassiq-The Prague Castle-5
Classiq-The Prague Castle-1
Classiq-At the Prague Castle-7Classiq-At the Prague Castle-4
Classiq-The Prague Castle-7

photos: by me

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