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At sunset, before the storm. I took these photos last weekend, which I spent in the countryside recharging my batteries. I usually try to combine work with pleasure during weekends, that’s simply something that works for me. So we usually take a day trip, especially this time of year, which leaves me enough time to channel my need to do something productive too. But every once in a while I just like to leave it all behind and escape for a long weekend. It was a nice change of pace.

Today is the longest day of the year and it marks the beginning of the astrological summer. I’m planning to celebrate it by spending as much time outside as possible (while trying to avoid the heat), squeeze in a late lunch with a friend between work and then an outing in the evening that must include watching the sunset, even if it’s from the top of a building. During summer I wish I could wake up at the crack of dawn (I’m an early riser, but that’s an ambitious target even for me) every morning so that I make sure I don’t miss any drop of sunlight. I’ve been like that since childhood: there was no greater pleasure than waking up early and anxiously waiting to go out and explore the day. I know, I’m irremediably in love with summer. Enjoy your weekend!

PS: No matter how hot it gets, summer is by no means a time when you can get away with neglecting your style. If you want to stay stylishly in the loop, you can sign up for the Mary Jo Matsumoto newsletter here.

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