An old and new obsession: Mary Jo Matsumoto handbags

Yes, it’s a name you see a lot on my blog. But only because she is an incredibly talented designer and writing about her collections is one of my favourite parts of blogging. You should know that I only write about designers and brands I believe in, and Mary Jo’s strong vision and genuine, fresh take on fashion are one of the things that make me go on blogging in a media community that so often distorts the values I and my blog stand for.

Just in time for the holidays, Mary Jo has launched a new edition of handbags. The Bancroft Caramel line, which I like to refer to as “The Rules of Attraction”, pays homage to the film The Graduate and to Anne Bancroft, who wore leopard like no other. One of nature’s most beautiful designs, leopard is a symbol of glamour and one of fashion’s most enduring creations. Should I say that the Bancroft Caramel Oversized Clutch, with its classic ’40s vintage shape, is one of the bags I’ve been dreaming of? This is my idea of wearing animal print in style. Classic, without feeling updated, bold and modern, without being constrained by trends.

And then comes a Rhapsody in Silver. There’s more than a hint of magic in them, making you leap into the fantasy realm of December, they reveal a rock ‘n roll soul and are meant to lighten up your winter wardrobe. Inspired by the way the light shimmers on the Laguna Sea (the fact that she never fails to find inspiration in her native Laguna Beach, California, and that she manufactures locally makes me love Mary Jo and her designs even more), the Laguna Shimmer line is the most stylish interpretation of the metallic trends I’ve seen this season. And this comes from someone who’s never worn metallic and is now craving to. The beautiful Laguna Shimmer Tote can be your daytime luxury that will transition right into Spring/Summer 2013 and the Stingray Fold Over Clutch is the most glamorous accessory for the most special night of the year (yes, it can mean the Oscars Red Carpet), the most lavish ’20s inspired party or simply for a night out.

Visit the Mary Jo Matsumoto shop for the entire handbag collection.

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