An oasis of serenity near Bucharest

Classiq-Mogosoaia Palace

A few weeks ago one of my readers, from France, who is planning to visit Romania, sent me an email to ask me about places to see in Bucharest and Transylvania. I happily wrote her a detailed list with my heartfelt recommendations and I thought I should transform one of my suggestions into a blog post and share it with my other readers as well. I know there are many of you who enjoy these insights.

Classiq_Mogosoaia Palace

Classiq-Mogosoaia Palace 6Classiq-Mogosoaia Palace

Classiq-Mogosoaia Palace 7
Mogoșoaia Palace is situated about ten kilometers from Bucharest. It was built between 1698-1702 by Constantin Brâncoveanu in what is called the Romanian Renaissance style or Brâncovenesc style. Situated by a lake (as palaces built during the Brâncoveanu epoque usually were), the palace grounds and gardens are an oasis of serenity.

Classiq-Mogosoaia Palace 8

Classiq-Mogosoaia Palace 10

Walking the beautiful, vast domain, or simply lying in the grass and enjoying the view will fill you with a calming energy and you will feel like you have stepped in a different time. Drinks at the restaurant are required, too, to take in the atmosphere and to freshen up, especially if you are visiting in summer. Mogoșoaia Palace is a popular touristic destination and the place becomes crowded during weekends, when they sometimes organize picnics on the premises, so I would suggest a visit during the week days, if you want to capture its true, unique ambiance.

Classiq-Mogosoaia Palace 1

Classiq-Mogosoaia Palace 2Classiq-Mogosoaia Palace 3

Classiq-Mogosoaia Palace 11

Classiq-Mogosoaia Palace 13Classiq-Mogosoaia Palace 14

Classiq-Mogosoaia Palace 9

Classiq-Mogosoaia Palace 15

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