An Equestrian Story

Equestrian story 
I have regularly expressed my love for the equestrian style (especially accessories and jewellery because they can easily be adapted to the everyday use) on the blog. This goes back to my childhood and my grandfather. I haven’t met or heard of someone who loved horses more than my maternal grandfather. He owned and raised horses during almost his entire lifetime (he passed away last year, he would have been 90 this autumn), one more beautiful than the other, and he inflicted his love and respect for these magnificent creatures in both my brother and me, even though neither of us has had the courage to ride again after a bad fall off a horse (our own fault) when we were children.

There is nothing that reminds me more of my grandfather than the old tradition of the equestrian world. The raw and rugged lifestyle, his well worn clothes, with beat-up hats and faded check shirts, that he loved because they were elements of his certain kind of life tinted with the hard work of the land, the freedom he felt in the countryside, the early mornings spent at the blacksmith to mend or make new horseshoes under his feared scrutiny (nothing less than perfect was accepted), the pride in having the best and most polished harness and saddle, the minutious feeding and caring for the horses that took place daily with more rigour than meals were served. Whether it’s a stirrup bracelet, a pair of riding style boots, a cross-body bag or belt with stirrup hardware, a weathered leather jacket, a riding shirt or a horseshoe necklace, I like to think of each piece as a small way to cherish my grandfather’s memory and legacy.

photo by me / background photo from the book Ralph Lauren by Rizzoli

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