All I want for Christmas…

…is a smile on everybody’s face. It has to be a perfect smile, you have to laugh with your eyes first, just to know it’s a reflection of a moment of true joy and wistfull happiness. I love to see models smiling on catwalks and in advertising campaigns. And Freja looks so great in these photos, totally transformed, I almost see her giggling in front of the camera and stopping from jumping up and down just for a second for a perfect shot of Patrick Demarchelier. Why don’t models smile more often? Modelling isn’t all glooming sultriness. I do want to see models wearing the clothes, not the other way around, and I want to see them smiling, because if you look through Vogue archives you can see that they know how to do it with all their hearts. And isn’t it better for business too? I’m currently coveting Harry Winston jewelry… See? (lol)


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