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aesa lookbook-messenger collection

I am very particular about the jewellery I wear. I have a few pieces that I like to rotate: some are with sentimental value, some are to subtly infuse a trend I wouldn’t wear otherwise and some to reflect a certain mood I’m in. But they all have a story attached to them, either true or one that I imagine and that helps me make them my own.

So when a jewellery line comes with its own interesting history, I love it even more. Randi Mates, the designer behind Aesa (the word means “personification of destiny” in Ancient Greek), knows that jewellery is supposed to be very personal. Her designs have this quality. Blending metals, gems and semiprecious stones, they are inspired from the past, often from antiquated traditions, but they have an undeniably modern feel. I like this mix of old and new, beautifully captured in this campaign of the brand’s Messenger collection, built around the idea of ancient instruments and talismans of honor. “They are subtle pieces that reflect some inner strength”…it’s a message that I’d like to carry around.

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aesa jewelry lookbook-messenger collection

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photos: Aesa Jewelry

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