A tale of lace and tulle

And what other time of year is more inviting to dream of mesmerising, romantic ballgowns if not December? There is just something in the air that makes me perfectly imagine the heavenly flounces of silk, lace and tulle at a fabulous party, dancing long into the night. But the beauty of fashion also lies in how it can take your breath away with just one photography and in its extraordinary capacity to reach to you in so many different ways. For a few days now, I’ve been keeping this edition of Vogue on my desk, flipping through these pages, and from time to time I like to leave it open…at Dior Couture…or Valentino… It looks like the most beautiful Christmas ornament adorning my workspace, inspiring me, and glamouring up my day.

photos: by Mario Testino for Vogue UK, December 2009, styled by Lucinda Chambers, model Lara Stone

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