A personal touch

This time of year I inevitably start thinking of Christmas. I try to hold back my enthusiasm until December 1st at least, but it’s understandable and even recommended, speaking from personal experience, to start writing wish lists and buying presents. And because my philosophy is that a personalised gift is always appreciated more, what nicer way to send your best wishes to your dear ones than handwritten greeting cards or special notes attached to a gift thoughtfully wrapped up by yourself? You may consider it old-fashioned, or of little importance, but I’m telling you it’s not. It is a beautiful gesture and a note of style.

Maybe writing letters by hand is too much nowadays, but you’ll never be old-fashioned when sending a handwritten (because I consider printed ones tasteless) note with a bouquet of flowers or a box of chocolate, a birthday or holiday card. It is an attribute of class. And customised stationery can even make for a perfect gift.

photos: 1-Humunuku Shoppe discovered via Everything Fabulous; 2-source unknown; 3-Marc Eden Schooley; 4-Letter Heady via The Sheila Variations; 5-Ralph Lauren Home; 6-Besotted Brand via A Gift Wrapped Life

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