A Moment in Fashion: Dolce & Gabbana Fall 2008

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More often than not, I find the best inspiration in older collections, rather than the latest ones. It’s maybe because when I see a collection from the past that I still like and find relevant, that means that the designer did something right. Of course there are new collections I instantly like, but having the proof that a certain design has stood the test of time makes it all the more special and valuable.

Dolce & Gabbana Fall/Winter 2008: There are so many things I like about these looks, but the scarves and their styling, which, paired with the flat caps, so beautifully emphasize the face, are easily my favourite part. I don’t think it’s ever occurred to me to wear a silk scarf (I can’t call it a neck scarf because of the length) like this: wrapped around the neck and tied in the front. I already can’t wait for milder temperatures to put this idea into practice.
FW08DLR_Milan, Dolce Gabbana, MilanFW08DLR_Milan, Dolce Gabbana, Milan

Dolce & Gabbana Fall 2008_1

FW08DLR_Milan, Dolce Gabbana, Milan
An infusion of glamorous comfort and polished country feeling, with tweeds and checks and corduroy center stage. Leather jackets, printed pleated skirts, fur/faux fur coats, gilets, dresses and skirts, everything belted, made a stylish appearance too. The dresses that finished the show, of layers of chiffon and traditional British fabrics, wove a little romance into this beautiful autumn fashion story too – it’s something I like seeing on the catwalk. And last, but not least, the seventies vibe throughout the collection was what completed the overall appeal.
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