A Lovely Surprise from Zara

Zara #dear_Romania 
On the occasion of launching their online store in Romania, Zara surprised me with a pre-launch gift card, part of the brand’s interesting #dear_Romania campaign. I had been looking for a navy blue bag, but when I saw this neutral colour blocking leather purse I knew I had found something even better. With it, I have also finally made the transition towards smaller size bags, and it feels nice to be able to alternate it with my shoppers and large totes. It’s chic, easy to carry around and versatile. I couldn’t resist getting a t-shirt either, because, as my mother ironically says, I never have too many. Joke aside though, some of my favourite tees, especially the linen ones, are from Zara and they hold up very well. And I have to say that I’m embracing the new online store probably just as much as everyone else.

photo by me

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