A Laid-Back Approach to Life and Looks

Stefanel summer 2016 
There is one thought that’s been on my mind for quite some time. Everything doesn’t have to be so fast. And I believe that it’s up to us to get back in touch with things that are basic and important. Every stint out of town reminds me of just that. There are people who are city dwellers their entire lives. I once was on the same level. But every time I end up in the countryside or in any place close to nature, I feel a weight lift almost immediately. Suddenly, there’s a little more time for everything. It instantly becomes much easier to focus and enjoy life (a full life while at the same time fulfilling your own uncompromised creative pursuits) instead of constantly feeling the need to be in one place or another and to cram more and more to do’s into your day. It just feels right.
Stefanel summer 2016 -an approach to simpler things 
My laid-back approach to life doesn’t exclude fashion. I just apply the same ethos to my look and pay more attention to the brands that do that, too. Stefanel is one company that, for a few seasons has been encouraging us to rediscover the authentic and simplest things, confirming in fact the values that, for more than half a century, have distinguished the Italian label. In the era of speed and fast fashion, I love the commitment to slowing down and finding inspiration in a gentle pace of life.
A laid back approach to life and looks

Stefanel spring summer 2016 

No effort, no ostentation.
A way to communicate and be yourself.

Stefanel summer 2016 

Check out at certain points (at least).
Tread lightly in the world.
Empty your mind and stretch a new canvas.

A laid back approach to life and looks

photos: 1,4,7: Dan Martensen for Stefanel Spring Summer 2016, modeled by Carolyn Murphy (except for the last image), art directed by Clare Richardson/ 2-collage by me (clockwise from top left: 1,3-by me / 2-Dan Martensen for Stefanel) 5-collage by me (clockwise from top left: 1,3-Dan Martensen for Stefanel / 2-by me) / 6-by me

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