A Gentle Nod to the 70s

Porsche Design Fall 2014
With every fashion month, I realize that I’m just as enthusiastic about discovering or rediscovering less known names, as I am about watching the collections of my old favourites. The surprise element is more often bound to come from the first and that’s one of the most beautiful parts of the fashion weeks.

I’ve already spotted a 70s vibe throughout a few collections (it seems that I’ve been paying a special attention to the 1970s fashions, especially after I did this post), but it was the retro-modern style of these Porsche Design looks that struck a romantic chord with me. It’s the below-the-knee hem, the slightly A-line shape of the skirt and felt dress, the fluidity of the dress, all so 70s, and the minimalist construction, so modern. It’s that precise length of the skirt paired with long boots: I’ve always loved that look and the poise of a woman wearing it – you don’t just see her, but you hear her too, because her shoe heel plates make a noise when she walks, confident and free. It is a look that I see as empowering as a trouser suit or a long-sleeved dress. The 70s were, after all, the decade when women were coming into their own. It is sexy, attractive, timeless. It’s the forever classic black and caramel, and the gorgeous choice of burgundy & mustard, and burgundy & teal, bursting with colour, yet so elegant. It’s the natural hair-dos, the touch and glow make-up, and last, but not least, the models – I know the woman they are impersonating.
Porsche Design Fall 2014-1

Porsche Design Fall 2014-2

photos: Style.com | Porsche Design Fall 2014

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