A dress for Fall

Billy Reid Fall 2013

A long-sleeved dress for fall. An autumn wardrobe essential… You would think, because of all the pre-fall and fall collections there was not one piece that I could use for inspiration. This Billy Reid red dress (see it in full length) comes very close to what I have in mind, but the length is wrong: were it knee-long, it would have made all the difference, because the three-quarter hem is what makes the dress lack shape a little. Otherwise, I love everything about it: the simple design, the light fit, which necessarily calls for a belt, the colour, those long sleeves and high neckline – a relaxed femininity, a very classic American style. The kind of dress you can wear when the days turn slightly more chilly, but are still too warm for an extra layer on top – it looks somehow empowering and maybe that’s what I like so much about a dress with long sleeves. The kind of dress that evokes a feeling of freedom, its languid style defying the strictness that may be associated with autumn fashion, but still rising up to its sartorial demands.

photos: Style Bistro

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