A bag for Fall

Wilde zip clutch by Mary Jo Matsumoto

There are actually two bags that I would love for autumn, both by Mary Jo Matsumoto. You see, it’s like this: once you’ve owned a Mary Jo Matsumoto bag, you become addicted and can’t help it but wish for more. Yes, she’s this good a designer and her bags are this beautiful.

Fall is the time to immerse yourself in sumptuous textures and solid, rich colours. The upper-class of fashion. The Wilde zip clutch is an essential autumn atout and your ticket to that exclusive world. Dual texture, black calf hair and black grained leather, cobalt blue ultra suede lining, gold hardware. Sleek enough to slip under your arm and roomy enough for your iPad or for your every day essentials. Luxurious, yet subtle. Elegant, yet practical. It’s so sophisticated that it would give your every look a style overhaul. It’s so beautiful that I would hug it like my best friend.

Wilde zip clutch by Mary Jo Matsumoto 2

And now, to a premiere bag: the Myth Hunter backpack (do you love the name just as much as I do?). The type of bag I secretly started to fancy a few months ago, imagining it, of course, designed by my favourite bag designer. Soon after, Mary Jo let me in on a little secret: her fall collection would include a backpack. I’m happy to see how beautiful it turned out, just as I had enviosioned it.

“Inspired by the stories and myths of Fall and Winter’s inward journey, the Myth Hunter Backpack makes the search to restore balance and harmony a little more romantic.” I like its polished and urban-chic look, making it even pencil skirt-turtle neck-high heeled ankle boots-fit, one of my go-to looks for fall. And I like its tartan wool lining that lends an edgy appeal, making me wish for a long autumn with sunny days and feel a little more adventurous than I usually do once summer is over.

Myth Hunter Backpack by Mary Jo MatsumotoMyth Hunter Backpack by Mary Jo Matsumoto 1

photos: Mary Jo Matsumoto

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