Christophe Lemaire’s Fall Look

Christophe Lemaire Fall 2014 
A beautiful, practical collection overall – the fine cut, the harmony in volumes and layering, the subtlety of the colours. But it was this particular look (elegant, with the right amount of comfort, but bringing something new into the equation with its styling that may be only for the show, but it reminds me not to play it so safe all the time) that has stayed with me ever since I saw the collection back in spring. Just the kind of clothes that deserve to be worn on those brisk, glorious days of autumn that I wish would last twice as long, right before the icy winter air starts to make its presence felt.

photo: | Christophe Lemaire Fall/Winter 2014/2015

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Notebook Pages

Here are my latest finds and news from fashion, film, photography and beautiful living.

Kim Noorda Hans Feurer for Muse Magazine 
The light. That’s the first thing that strikes me when it comes to Hans Feurer’s photography. It was Africa that was the crucial catalyst for his visual aesthetic and for his understanding of shadow and light. “These 2 years travelling around Africa marked me tremendously in many ways, but also visually, in terms of what I see and how I see things. I found myself in some pretty magical situations. I would see women go out to get water in the early morning light and they had a glow around them. I was awed and started to develop a feeling and understanding for the magic of light and shadow.”

The richness of colours and textures is another one. “Life is colour, I see everything in colour, so 40 years ago I decided to only photograph in colour. [...] I live for the moment, the realness of it. So at some point, years ago, I decided to simplify and eliminate as much as possible out of an image. To have in the picture only the essence of what really matters and leave out all the rest.”

The quotes above appear in the interview with the photographer in The Business of Fashion, one of the most interesting interviews I’ve read recently. There is also a book encasing 175 images of his (who can forget his Kenzo campaigns – photo below?), published in 2013, Hans Feurer, curated by Fabien Baron.
Kenzo ad campaign 1983 by Hans Feurer
• My film recommendation this week: Empire of the Sun (1987), directed by Steven Spielberg. The film tells the story of Jim’s wartime exploits after he is separated from his family in the pre-Pearl Harbour Shanghai of 1941. The movie is a visual splendor and 13-year-old Christian Bale handles his demanding role, his debut role in fact, amazingly well, at times reminding me of Kolya Burlyayev in Ivan’s Childhood.

• I know everybody is talking about it, but I’d still like to flag this documentary on Joan Didion.

• Inside Chanel: Another beautiful short film about Coco Chanel and her fashion house (I don’t seem to get enough of these, narrated in that hauntingly beautiful voice), The Colours of Chanel.

• On her 50th birthday, Jasmine Le Bon remembers her first shoot in Vogue, photographed by Arthur Elgort and styled by Carlyne Cerf de Dudzeele.

• Orson Welles’ lost film, The Other Side of the Wind, on which Welles spent the last fifteen years of his life up until his death in 1985 and which has remained unfinished for decades, could be restored and released in time for director’s 100th birth anniversary next May.

• This makes me want to hop in the car and hit the rode. Autumn, when it’s sunny, with its ever-changing leaves and crisp air, is my favourite time of year for road trips.

photos: Hans Feurer | 1-for Muse Magazine, model: Kim Noorda | 2-Kenzo ad campaign 1983, model: Iman

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The Grey Coat Edit

Autumn essential-Grey coat-Park & Cube

The Grey Coat Edit 
I even prefer it to the much talked about and much sought after camel coat (although I can’t deny its key place in one’s wardrobe). I think it also has to do with the fact that grey is probably my favourite colour. The main idea is to be a tailored coat, hovering around the knee, with a clean design, belted or not, and screaming simplicity. A versatile piece with lasting appeal. You don’t even have to worry too much about the rest of your outfit when you have a great coat on and that’s why I think it’s worth investing in a high quality one. Here are a few suggestions you might find helpful, including the Dagmar coat in the images above (the sixth one in my selection), as well as one of my favourites, which is also very budget-friendly.

photos: (second one edited) Park & Cube

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Invitation to Tea: A Sensorial Experience

Classiq-Having Tea-A Sensorial Experience

 “There is much poetry and much feeling in a box of tea.” Ralf Waldo Emerson – Letters and social objectives.

There is a culture of food, there is a culture of coffee and there is a culture of tea. And they are all part of the art of living. Have you ever observed a passionate chef feel the ingredients and flavours, live his/her métier? We may not perceive eating and drinking coffee and tea as such, especially if we choose to live our lives on fast forward, thinking that this is something for the connoisseurs, something we read or hear about, something we don’t have the time, the patience or the wish to experience. I can easily picture some of my friends raising their eyebrows if they read this. But if we can’t or don’t want to make it part of our lifestyle, we can at least allow us the chance to be open, to learn about it and try it every once in a while. We just have to stop and live it. It would still make a difference.

The Plants Salon is part of the Nature & Distinction concept I have talked to you about before, a concept whose beautiful and noble aim is to initiate and guide us in “the art of being yourself” and in the art of living beautifully. I am glad to say that here, on Classiq, we will try to bring you closer to all the unique Nature & Distinction products, experiences and activities with regular articles.

It was here, in the Plants Salon, where I stopped and felt the plants in the hollow of my hand. That’s how the dialogue begins. You can choose your tea yourself, in case you are looking for a spontaneous experience, or you may let yourself guided by the sensory art consultant if you are interested in a sensorial journey. I, for example, chose the tea I wanted to have – No. 4, a scented floral mixture of white tea, Japanese cherry blossoms, tea blossom, rose petals and cherries, from the collection of 43 melanges only to find out that the owner and founder of Nature & Distinction, Alina Ieva (who never ceases to amaze me), had chosen the same one for me beforehand, based on what she had learned about me from our previous meetings.

I smelled the steam full of spices coming from all over the world, all 100% natural, all carefully curated and all made of plants from distant lands, harvested, dried and prepared after criteria learned from tea masters. And then you taste the tea and you step into the plant’s subtle universe. You feel how it starts its journey to your inner world and you start to believe that it has a purpose and a message. With the second cup, you discover yet another transformation, because the second cup of tea is never like the first one, not better or worse, just different. The plants, which have character and individuality, are in a perpetual transformation and you experience waves of sensations. “Each cup of tea represents an imaginary voyage.” Catherine Douzel.
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Sezane Calvin bagSezane jeans autumn winter 2014 
A while ago a dear reader of mine introduced me to the French brand Sézane. I was immediately hooked, especially taken by their shoes and boots collection, but equally interested in their Calvin bag, as well as in some of their other essentials. Talking about pieces with lasting power… And in case my American readers are interested, the brand has recently been made available stateside as well, through their collaboration with Madewell, until the official launch in the near future.
Sezane Hunter bootSezane Austin boots
Sezane fall 2014-7
Sezane Hopper coatSezane silk blouse
Sezane fall 2014-9

photos: Sézane

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Duel 1971 
by guest writer

Duel (1971) was initially released as a TV movie on ABC running 75 minutes, later receiving a proper theatrical release in 1983. It was to be a cornerstone for Steven Spielberg’s career. Although he began in television directing the first episode of the Columbo series, he believed that, even so, the results should look like theatrical items. Duel was a quick assignment he received from ABC’s main producer, due to be made in 10 days according to the schedule. Everything was shot on location and was eventually ready in 12 days. What Spielberg learned from Hitchcock, he applied here successfully: he never lets the audience off the hook. He admits he had Hitch on his mind constantly while filming Duel and it shows.

Dennis Mann (Dennis Weaver) plays a salesman taking a trip for a business meeting and who is unlucky to get stalked by the driver of a mysterious, veteran of the roads truck. Spielberg loved Weaver’s performance and anxiety in Touch of Evil (1958) and he particularly wanted him for the part. He also chose the main character’s car to be red to stand out in the colours of the desert. The truck had to have a personality of its own and it was especially chosen by Spielberg from the Universal’s backlot to fit the role. It was the oldest available and the team had to grease it all the time to give it the authenticity sought after by the director. You never see the truck driver’s face, thus using the rule of the unseen being more frightening than what is thrown into the face of the audience. Duel enjoys an extraordinary editing that was necessary in order to highlight the tension and the sound makes everything even scarier. Spielberg declared he wouldn’t be able to make Duel that way, that good, again and I totally agree.

photo: movie still | Universal Studios | I would recommend the Blu-ray, but it’s only available in Steven Spielberg Director’s Collection and I don’t recommend the entire box set

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