Snail Mail

Classiq-Snail Mail 
Whenever I get snail mail it usually makes my day. What I love the most about it is that it’s always good news you receive in your mail box, whether it’s greetings from a far-off friend, birthday wishes, a wedding invitation, a thank you or a simply hello note – this last one is the best kind. It’s wonderful to receive mail, and that’s why I find it very satisfying to pen handwritten “just because” notes to friends. Which reminds me I haven’t been very good at that lately, so I should put the beautiful stationery I like to collect to good use one of these days.

photo by me

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Capturing Beauty #63

Capturing beauty-Calvin Klein 1988 by Bruce Weber

photo: Bruce Weber | Calvin Klein Sport, 1988

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Natural Beauty: Green Tangerine and Almond Oil Cream

Classiq-Natural Beauty-Green Tangerine and Almond Oil Cream 
I have previously mentioned my endeavor in trying to make a complete shift in my beauty routine, going for clean and natural products. It’s still a slow process, but whenever I discover one more product that has all the qualities I’m hoping for and that agrees with me, I realise that the effort is worth it. This face moisturiser is a Nature & Distinction product and it’s everything I’ve been looking for. I had stopped using one because of the rubbish most of the brands I had tried contained, even the ones which were supposed and claimed to be natural. Moreover, the fact that I know where it comes from, how it is made and that I personally know the maker herself seals my trust 100%, thus enabling me to wholeheartedly recommend it to you too.

It is made of 100% natural ingredients – active extract of green tangerine, cold pressed sweet almond oil, colloidal platinum, orthomolecular nutrition base – and I can honestly say that I’ve never used anything better. It has a velvety and lightweight texture which is instantaneously absorbed by the skin, leaving but the most refreshing sensation. It’s a feeling I’m often looking forward to in the morning when I go to bed at night. The brown apothecary jar is not only aesthetical – as I am one who likes a simple, nice-looking package – but has, first of all, a practical purpose, ensuring the preservation of the molecular characteristics of the cream. Because of its natural and active ingredients, the moisturiser must be stored at a temperature of 5-10 degrees Celsius (in the fridge) and it has an availability of three months from the moment of preparation.

For more details and orders, contact

photo by me

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Blue Jeans and White T-Shirt… Again… and Always

Forever in blue jeans and white tshirt-Melina Petrochi-Amica May 2014 
It’s that look again… you might say. But who does ever get tired of jeans? Or of jeans and white tee/ white tank top/ white shirt? Or of exemplifications of the look? Not me. How many times have you worn it? Or how many times have you been inspired by it? But it still feels fresh the next time you wear it, or the next time you see it. And that might just be That’s style that lives on.
Amica - Maggio 2014

Amica - Maggio 2014

photos: Cometti for Amica May 2014 | Melina Petrochi styled by Claudia Carretti

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Ashes and Diamonds

by guest writer

Ashes and Diamonds-1958 
Ashes & Diamonds (1958) is a groundbreaking European piece of cinema that bears the signature of Polish director Andrzej Wajda. The screenplay is inspired by Jerzy Andrzejewski’s novel by the same name, having as main contributors its writer and Wajda himself. Ashes and Diamonds was to create a pure visual cinema in Poland, leaving behind the dialogue films of the past. Part of the war trilogy, together with A Generation (1955) and Kanal (1957), this one’s action is placed in the last day of the WWII. The screenplay is cleverly constructed in such a way that we have drama, political analysis of Poland’s situation and inclinations towards the end of the war and strong satire.

Maciek Chelmicki (Zbigniew Cybulski), a young ex-soldier, is part of the Partisan movement carrying on different dangerous jobs when ordered to. Cybulski was a special actor from the Polish perspective, a sort of James Dean in a comparison made by a few, including the author of the film. Wajda listened to him when he requested some parts to be played in his own way and the result is just natural, nothing is forced or imposed. Ashes and Diamonds seems to bear a bit of Neorealism in its artistic texture, but, on the contrary, the movie was mostly shot inside the studio with a special kind of design that permitted light to glow as the cinematographer wanted. A deeply censored product that made its way to international film festivals almost ten years after the initial release, it stands out as a benchmark of European art cinema. The photography is nevertheless amazing with its inventive artistic shots and close-ups.

photo: still from the film

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Notebook Pages


Robin Williams
Road trip. Fresh light. Unfamiliar landscapes. Wildcat heroines. Togetherness. Mystery. “Don’t look back.” This is the Chloé manifesto for autumn/winter, but it could very well apply to these last weeks of summer too. Especially in the view of this week’s sad news.

“Carpe diem. Seize the day, boys. Make your lives extraordinary.” Robin Williams as John Keating in Dead Poets Society
Here are my latest finds and news from fashion, style and beautiful living.

• Women get better with age, too. And it’s a man who says it.

• An interesting interview with Franca Sozzani, the Italian Vogue editor-in-chief since 1988. “Before fashion, I love images. I love to find a new way to make an interpretation of fashion. I use the frames to send messages, like frames of an old movie. Besides the culture of our past, Italy has cinema: Fellini, Visconti, Antonioni. You want it to be aesthetic but with meaning. Otherwise you get tired of even the most beautiful things.”

• Vivienne Westwood unveils the story of her colorful life for the first time, in a biography co-written by Ian Kelly, to be published in October.

• Sofia Coppola shoots the lookbook for California-based label Calder, saying that she tried to show the line how she would wear it.

• Malian born artist and designer Aboubakar Fofana about making natural indigo yarn and fabrics. “Everyone wants to say they’re making something organic and environmentally friendly. That is the fashionable thing, even when it’s not the case.” If you are interested, LatteLisa has done a nice write-up about the artist.

• Taylor Tomasi Hill tells The Edit how she went from fashion to flower arrangements.

• When it comes to summer eating, here are two things I can’t get enought of these days: watermelon basil salad and spiced blueberry cobbler.

Have a wonderful weekend!

photo: unfortunately I had this photo saved in my files without the proper source, so if anyone can help me with the credit, I would really appreciate it

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