Sedotta e abbandonata

Sedotta e abbandonata 
A beautiful opening scene (not the one above, but speaking of which, can you, style-wise, detect an inspiration for Dolce & Gabbana’s collections and ad campaigns?), the result of deep black and brilliant white cinematography enhanced with inventive techniques (the film was shot in the town of Sciacca on the southwestern coast of Sicily, with white alleys perfectly contrasting the actors’ black costumes) and the absolute beauty of Stefania Sandrelli, the main female character. There is an incredible aesthetic to the entire film and the background and architecture are more like co-protagonists in the story.

The follow-up of Divorzio all’italiana (a film that coined the term comedia all’italiana) Sedotta e abbandonata (Seduced and Abandoned, 1964) is even better and even more audacious – a series of escalating comic calamities that occur in a small Sicilian town when sixteen-year-old Agnese (Stefania Sandrelli) loses her virginity to her sister’s fiancé. The things Don Vincenzo, the father, will do to restore the honour of his family! Eloquent, devilishly smart and stylistically executed to perfection, the film is a bitter social satire, ironically criticising the hypocrisy of family values, mores, religious and political conditions of a society undergoing massive changes in the early 60′s. Sicily is portrayed as a fairly conservative, backwards society, with its own rules and pompous patriarchies, which lead to gunshot weddings, kidnapping and misogynistic crimes in the name of familial honour, with lawyers and police only corrupting the matter further. One of the many works of art of a director who was never appreciated at his true value.

photo: movie still | Lux Film, Ultra Film, Vides Cinematografica, Lux Compagnie Cinématographique de France

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Spring 2015 Trends I Can Work: Khaki

Spring 2015 trends I can work khaki- proenza schouler  
Always a key colour in my wardrobe, khaki is one of the neutrals conjured in the creations of many designers this season. Most inspiring for me? The flawless Proenza Schouler all-American sportswear look – those roomy-tailored, navy-style trousers have found the perfect match in the striped sweater atop the white shirt, and with their cropped silhouette and dressed-up with heels they bring a feminine feel to a tipically mannish piece. And Ralph Lauren. Khaki took up much of the colour palette in the collection, usually in monochrome ensembles, but it was in combination with bright pink that stood out for me. Complemented by a messenger bag, it refreshingly plays out the urban safari look.
Spring 2015 trend khaki- Ralph lauren

photos: 1-Proenza Schouler SS 2015 / 2-Ralph Lauren SS 2015 / images via

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The Simplest Beauty Trick: Drinking Water

A simple beauty secret: drinking water 
I am certainly not an expert in beauty regimes and I most certainly do not have a rigorous daily beauty routine. I like to keep things simple and I’ve always been an adept of an as natural approach as possible, from healthy eating habits to organic skincare products which subsequently have a direct impact on your skin.

But this blog post is not about all-natural ingredients beauty products, and to be honest, too many companies use much too lightly the phrase “all natural” these days, which only makes me raise even more questions before caring to try their stuff. This is about one beauty secret that we often forget about and don’t give it the importance we should: drinking water. That simple.

There have been times when, from one reason or another, I didn’t use any moisturiser for months in a row, and despite of that, if I drank enough water (more than 2 litres and more than you think you need) my skin maintained its elasticity, glow and freshness. My friend also confessed to me that the consumption of plenty of water helped her eliminate the fine lines and plumps. I have to admit that I’ve been lucky enough to have good complexion (my genes definitely have a saying in that, as my grandmother still has great complexion at 82) and I’ve never paid much attention to beauty treatments (the beauty sections in magazines have always been non-existent for me, not that I would ever trust their paid opinions). So that is to say I am not giving advice, but am simply sharing something that has worked on me and that makes a huge difference (you don’t have to be a nutritionist to know the benefits of hydration for your overall health) even if, in addition, your skin requires a more intensive care.

Getting into the habit of drinking at very least of 2 litres (the very minimum) of water a day may not be that easy. I realise that, because I’ve been striving for too long to make my mother drink more water than she does. But what has rapidly worked for me is having a glass or bottle of water close by at all times, whether it’s on your desk, your living-room coffee table or in your bag. It can so easily become a reflex. And the bonus of consuming enough water daily is that you eat less too. I think this brings in even more motivation for every woman, right?

photo by me

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Chloé-like Bangles for Less

Chloe bangles fall 2015 
Each season Chloé comes up with some of the most beautiful and interesting jewellery. The latest collection, Fall 2015, is no different and I instantly fell for this set of multi-pendant bangles that nicely completed one of my favourite looks in the collection. But as I rarely splurge on a piece of jewellery, that is in case the accessories were already available for purchase, I was very enthusiastic when I realised that the Massimo Dutti coin bangles I own can offer a great alternative to the designer look, and with a good few months in advance, too. And if you have a couple of simple, plain bangles you’d like to upgrade, these India Hicks tokens, part of India’s new and first collection under her ownership (as opposed to her previous licensed lines), are a pretty and affordable option to consider.
Massimo Dutti coin bangles

photos:, Chloé Fall 2015 / 2-Massimo Dutti

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The White Shirt and Its Many Identities

The white shirt 
A crisp white shirt can say so many things without the wearer uttering a word. It’s that feeling of freedom that hugs you every time you put one on and let’s you be yourself, no matter how you choose to wear it. “Whatever you want it to be, the white shirt becomes.” Carolina Herrera

White shirt and jeans
Impeccable and close-fitting. An instant upgrade to the slouchiest pair of blue jeans, especially with a pop of colour in the mix and a classic trench when the weather calls for one.
Wearing the white shirt
A natural choice. The best friend, the easiest go-for, as a dress, on a hot summer day.
White shirt and black jeans
Feminine and delicate. A silhouette never, by all means, to be worn with elegant black trousers. Instead, a white shirt-distressed black skinny jeans/ black leather trousers look is the perfect balancing act.
Timeless white shirt
Feminine/masculine. I am reluctant in pairing a white shirt with a polished skirt, but I love it with a more casual one, like a denim or a utilitarian-like skirt. Relaxed elegance.
White shirt
Sumptuous and versatile. The way a structured, masculine-cut shirt sculpts the body, it works even with a pair of tracking pants. I am not saying the look works for everyone, but why not go for it if it does?

Timeless white shirt- Patti Hansen
Light and floating. If it’s linen and wrinkled, it speaks of a well lived life with your family.
photos: 1-Eton Shirts / 2-Jon Cardwell for The Art of the Trench / 3-Garance Doré/ 4,5-The Style Heroine/ 6-Zara / 7-Annie Leibovitz for Vogue US, featuring Patti Hansen

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